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Art publication, Sixty Inches from Center, highlights the Dwell in Other Futures festival that featured me and artists, poets, visionaries, and leaders to engage in futurism theory and practice in order to imagine a more equitable, vibrant, and creative St. Louis of the future.

The festival rounded out with performances by people who work from the sort of ephemeral St. Louis spaces that Kroeber had described, who had each been commissioned to present a manifesto for a future St. Louis: drag performer Maxi Glamour, architectural historian Michael R. Allen, art collective ARTC, activist designer De Nichols, poet Alison C. Rollins, and electronic artist ICE. Ending in this way pushed the festival beyond the realm of interpretive questions into one of strategy and action.

In this article, writer, Sasha Tycko, also makes a nod to fellow artist, Damon Davis, and me for our work with the Chouteau Greenway project in St. Louis.

These activities were billed as “landscape performances welcoming the future now Chouteau Greenway” in reference to the most recent debate for St. Louis’s future, which had just come to a head earlier that week. Three days prior, six design teams had presented plans for the Chouteau Greenway, a proposal for a massive string of parks, bike lanes, and elevated walkways cutting east-west to connect Washington University and Forest Park on the west end of the city to the Gateway Arch along the river. (The winning team, which was announced the following week, included two participants in the festival: De Nichols and Damon Davis).

Read the full article via Sixty Inches from Center.

Featured Image: Maxi Glamour performing during “Manifestos for a Future St. Louis,” as a part of Dwell In Other Futures: Art / Urbanism / Midwest. Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis. April 28, 2018. Photo by David Johnson.

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