Get the Most Out of IGTV with #StudioDe

Figuring out how to use social media for causes, businesses, or even your personal interests can be super hard, and with new platforms like TwitchEllo, and others emerging, it can be even harder to keep up.

A few weeks ago, my favorite platform (Instagram) launched Instagram TV (IGTV), and though I really like it so far (you can check out my channel here), it is quite different from how content creators like me are used to using video in our work.

So, as I have been learning how to use it, I’ve made a few videos on my newest YouTube channel, Studio DE, to help others figure it out too:

Watch both above or via Facebook & YouTube, and let me know:

  1. Are these helpful or not?

  2. What else would you like to see?

  3. How have you chosen to use Instagram TV (if you have already started a channel)?

With my new Studio DE channel I hope to bring you even more tutorials and videos on design, tech, social media, and productivity, so if there are other insights you would like to have, send me a message on any of the platforms below to let me know.