Black Women Being: A Gift from Safety Pin Box


This month, De Nichols is one of several recipients of the Safety Pin Box’s (SPB) Black Women Being gift. Because SPB is a social enterprise, Black Women Being helps it support Black women committed to Black liberation and service through revenue received from the sales of its monthly box. For the month of September, De will receive on of its financial gifts as well as a feature in this month’s box.

What is Safety Pin Box?

Safety Pin Box is a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation. Box memberships are a way to not only financially support Black femme freedom fighters, but also complete measurable tasks in the fight against white supremacy. Learn more about SPB and shop its store.

Why are they supporting Black women?

“Every month, Safety Pin Box will give one-time financial gifts to individual Black women who have demonstrated a commitment to serving Black people. Financial gift recipients will be featured in that month’s box at their discretion, and will be invited to contribute to that month’s task writing. Any and all Black women contributing to Black liberation in any way are encouraged to apply and recipients will be chosen at random each month from Black women applicants in our pool. The more subscribers we have, the more Black women we can support. Subscription fees, as a form of reparations, go directly to supporting Black women freedom fighters every month.”

How You Can Support SPB