“What I appreciate most about this movement is how we all can find our place and contribute our skills, passions, and gifts in unique ways toward the common fight for justice. I entered this fight as a tech activist, a designer, an educator, a social worker, and social innovator. In the midst of marching and protests, each of these parts of me have been welcomed by others in the movement to support the work of the frontlines and most importantly the demands of Ferguson neighbors and residents themselves. So many amazing people have connected through tragedy to triumphantly overturn the corruption and oppression that have plagued the well being of our people. I think the most radical thing we can do in this movement is live out Assata’s words and love and support each other so that we will win this fight. Through technology, through innovation, through creative disruption, and more–I am continually committed to making sure we are equipped to win.” -


, designer for #FacesofTheMovement #50thPost