Mirror Casket (2015)

The Mirrored Casket project is a collaborative sculpture I designed and orchestrated with local community artists in St. Louis. Shaped like a closed coffin, the Mirrored Casket is made of mirrors to challenge on-lookers to question, empathize, and reflect on their own roles in remediating the crisis of countless deaths that young men of color experience in the United States at the hands of police and community violence.

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Faces of the Movement (2015)

Faces of the Movement is a daily-release photo project that highlights the stories of everyday people who have joined together to fight for justice against police brutality in the United States.

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De Nichols
Sticky Note to Self

The #StickyNotetoSelf project is a semi-daily micro-blog and creative photo project that I started as a way to remind myself of life lessons, inspirations, and frustrations that each day may bring. Using Instagram as the primary platform for the project, #StickyNotetoSelf interweaves through images of my daily life that serve as context for the experiences and reflections shared. As appropriate, notes includes a description of the experiences which inspired it. As the collection of the actual notes grow, they will be compiled in book form with expanded reflections on the brief “notes to self” they entail.

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