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Visualizing Agency, Authorship, and Allyship

This participatory art project explores perceptions of how the Summit's themes of authorship, agency, and allyship show up in different types of spaces that attendees navigate. In this activity, each person is asked to use yarn to navigate through various statements that rank and assess the depths of which they have power to share their own voice, self-govern their own actions, and feel support for their existence within the space they live, learn, work, and play. The compilation of our collective answers then begin to weave together and form a visualization of who we are and how we are liberated to show up in our respective worlds. 

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Mirror Casket (2015)

The Mirrored Casket project is a collaborative sculpture I designed and orchestrated with local community artists in St. Louis. Shaped like a closed coffin, the Mirrored Casket is made of mirrors to challenge on-lookers to question, empathize, and reflect on their own roles in remediating the crisis of countless deaths that young men of color experience in the United States at the hands of police and community violence.

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